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A Thought about Democracy

January 7, 2021

​Thoughts on events at the U.S. Capitol Building on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The surreal scene of a failed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol Building we witnessed on Wednesday January 6, 2021 compels me to reiterate a message I've shared previously about the importance of nurturing democratic citizenship in our schools.

Democratic citizenship doesn't happen without the following: education, the respect for human rights, the right to participate in the development of laws and institutions, free elections marked by universal suffrage, the rule of law, an independent press, and an open and dynamic civil society.

The events we witnessed should have us renew our collective commitment to learn about and highlight these essential elements of democracy in our classrooms, in our schools, and in our local communities.

Our schools must always make it their mission to inspire change for a more democratic world.

"Students need to come to understand that the reason for learning is to nurture their intellectual talents for the construction of our society into a more democratic just and caring place to live." - Maxine Greene

Christian Michalik, Superintendent 

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In 2018, the Louis Riel School Division and the Mobile Vision Eye Care Clinic formed a partnership to help ensure students who need eyeglasses can get them👓Discover how this partnership is helping students focus on the future: https://t.co/cyFC8YZwj6 https://t.co/4AQO3VA85J

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Education Minister Cliff Cullen proclaimed February as Manitoba Inclusive Education Month. In LRSD, creating a culture of equity and inclusion is central in our work to build and nurture a sense of community for students, staff and families. Learn more: https://t.co/mdoPYXrcsG https://t.co/GTvKInq85c

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Congratulations to Emily Scott from @dciLRSD! She is currently the only female volleyball player in Manitoba to have signed an NCAA scholarship to play in the U.S. next season: https://t.co/9JQBL0dAyq

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