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Divisional Leadership Team

The Louis Riel School Board provides the overall governance of the Louis Riel School Division. The sole employee of the LRSD School Board is the Superintendent. The Superintendent, together with the Secretary-Treasurer (Chief Financial Officer), and four Assistant Superintendents make up the Divisional Leadership Team. Each member of the Divisional Leadership Team works together with distinct teams of Directors, Coordinators, Managers and School Principals.

We do not take the idea of leadership lightly and for the past two years, we have been thinking hard about what it means to us. The definition of leadership provided by Peter Senge resonates, he said,

Leadership is the capacity of a human community—people living and working together—to bring forth new realities. (Senge, 1999)

Our work is to energize and to support the people with whom we work so that collectively, we can create something that deeply matters to us. We want to create learning environments in which each one of our young people can thrive.

In essence, members of the Divisional Leadership Team work to do the following:

  • While being cognizant of our current realities, work with our teams to continually revisit and to remain focused on the vision of LRSD.
  • To nurture the potential of each of the people with whom we work.
  • To remove or mediate barriers in order to get things done.


School Liaisons

Duane Brothers and the Assistant Superintendents are responsible for the oversight of separate families of schools. Meet your LRSD Leadership team and their areas of responsibility:

Duane Brothers, Superintendent

Marna Kenny, Secretary-Treasurer

Christian Michalik, Assistant Superintendent

Marlene Murray, Assistant Superintendent

Irene Nordheim, Assistant Superintendent

Lisa Aitken, Assistant Superintendent

Duane Brothers, Superintendent   

Deneen Madden, Administrative Assistant

Primary report to the School Board and responsible for all LRSD performance monitoring reports

Provides primary support to Assistant Superintendents Christian Michalik, Marlene Murray, Irene Nordheim and Lisa Aitken

Provides primary support to Secretary-Treasurer, Brad Fulton

Provides primary support to the Director of International Student Program (ISP), Monèle Schrot

Provides primary support to the Supervisor of Transportation, Burke Okrainec

Primary spokesperson for LRSD

Provides primary support for all LRSD communications strategies

Scheduled annual visits to all LRSD schools


Marna Kenny, Secretary-Treasurer

Susan Potter, Administrative Assistant

Chief Financial Officer of Louis Riel School Division

Provides primary support to Assistant Secretary-Treasurer

Provides primary support to Director of Facilities, Charles (Charlie) Robert

Provides primary support to Accounting, Payroll and Purchasing Departments

Provides primary support to the development of École Sage Creek School

ChristianMichalik.jpgChristian Michalik, Assistant Superintendent

   Anne-Marie Plamondon, Administrative Assistant

Provides primary support to Director of Information Systems Clarke Hagan

Provides primary support for Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting

Provides primary support to the Instructional Support Coordinators, Student Learning, Basic French, the Itinerant Literacy Support Team, and Aboriginal Education

Liaison Superintendent for Collège Béliveau and Collège Jeanne-Sauvé Families of Schools:

  • Collège Béliveau              
  • École George-McDowell
  • École Guyot       
  • École Henri-Bergeron     
  • École Howden   
  • Collège Jeanne-Sauvé    
  • École Julie-Riel  
  • École Marie-Anne-Gaboury          
  • École Provencher            
  • École St. Germain            
  • École Van Belleghem      
  • École Varennes


MarleneMurray.jpgMarlene Murray, Assistant Superintendent

Denise Rach, Administrative Assistant

Provides primary support to Director of Student and Clinical Services Department Steve Lawrie and Supervisors

Provides primary support to the René Deleurme Centre,  as well as Interdivisional Program for Students with Autism (IPSA), Student Teen Education Program (STEP), Teenage Parents Program (TAPP), Lifeskills Educational Alternative Program (LEAP)

Provides primary support to the Early Childhood Program Enhancement: Early Development Instrument (EDI), Kindergarten Observation Assessment Protocol (KOAP)

Liaison Superintendent for J. H. Bruns Collegiate and Nelson McIntyre Collegiate Families of Schools:

  • Archwood School            
  • Island Lakes Community School  
  • J. H. Bruns          
  • Marion School   
  • Nelson McIntyre Collegiate         
  • Niakwa Place School      
  • Nordale School 
  • René Deleurme Centre   
  • Shamrock School


Irene Nordheim.jpg

Irene Nordheim, Assistant Superintendent

Robyn Hooper, Administrative Assistant

Provides primary support to Practical Arts, Library Services, Healthy Living and Arts Departments

Provides primary support to Healthy Schools Pilot, Self-regulation Pilot, Mental Health Curriculum

Provides primary support to Louis Riel School Division High School Projects

Liaison Superintendent for Dakota Collegiate and Windsor Park Collegiate Families of Schools as well as the Arts & Technology Centre:

  • Arts & Technology           
  • Dakota Collegiate           
  • Darwin School   
  • Frontenac School            
  • General Vanier School    
  • H. S. Paul School              
  • Hastings School
  • Highbury School
  • Lavallee School 
  • Victor H. L. Wyatt School             
  • Victor Mager School       
  • Windsor Park Collegiate



Lisa Aitken, Assistant Superintendent

   Jerilyn Scharer, Administrative Assistant

Provides primary support to the Human Resources Department including teacher and support staff recruitment, hiring, and supervision.

Provides primary support to Manager of Human Resources, Louise Guimond, and the Coordinator of Workplace Safety and Health, René Perrin

Will serve as the project lead on our plan to evolve the Human Resources Department into LRSD Team Support Services. In order to improve our services to students, LRSD Team Support Services will assist staff to have increased job satisfaction and work – life balance. It is our goal to have LRSD become a recognized Employer of Choice and become one of Manitoba's Top 25 Employers.

Liaison Superintendent for Glenlawn Collegiate Family of Schools:

  • Dr. D. W. Penner School
  • Glenlawn Collegiate                       
  • Glenwood School
  • Minnetonka School
  • Samuel Burland School
  • Windsor School
  • St. George School



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