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Administrative Policies

​​​​The Louis Riel School Board has adopted the following administrative policies. These policies have been organized utilizing the National Education Policy Network classification system. NEPN utilizes an alphabetic coding system designed so that policies can be easily and quickly located.

How can I obtain copies of Louis Riel School Division administrative policies?

The Louis Riel School Division provides online policies to allow changes as needed and to be environmentally responsible.

Community members who require a hard copy may print it in their homes from the website, or request a copy from their community school or the Board Office.

​How do I search the policies below?

Please use the search function on your browser (ctrl+F on a windows machine and command+F on a mac).  Please ensure that you have not applied any filters to the below policies as that will interfere with your search.

NOTE: All policies are currently under review.

1-All Administrative Guidelines 2017-03-07.pdf
AC-1  Human Diversity - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsAC-12016-03-02
AC-1-2 Respect for Diversity.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsAC-1-22016-03-02
ACF-G Interpersonal Relations and Resolution of Concerns about Harassment Discrimination.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsACF-G2016-02-08
ACF-G Interpersonal Relationships and Resolution of Concerns.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsACF-GAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
Educational Philosophy - Divisional Statements on Vision and Mission.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsAD
ADB-GBEC Limitations on the Use of Alcohol in Divisional Facilities.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsADB-GBEC2016-02-08
ADC-GBED Smoking in Workplaces  Tobacco-Free Schools Workplaces Revised.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsADC-GBED2017-05-02
ADE School Planning Processes.pdf
Section A: Foundations and Basic CommitmentsADE2016-02-08
Secretary Treasurer  - Roles and Responsibilities.pdf
Section C: General School AdministrationCDBA
School Funds - Audit and Financial Monitoring.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDIE-1
DIE-1 School Funds Audit and Financial Monitoring Procedures APPENDIX A.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDIE-1APPENDIX A2016-02-08
DIE-2 Parent Funds  Audit and Financial Monitoring Procedures.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDIE-22016-02-08
DIE-3 Review of Contracted Audit Services.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDIE-32016-02-08
DJB Purchasing Procedures.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDJB2016-02-08
DK Payment of Accounts APPENDIX A.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDKAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
DK Payment of Account.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDK2016-02-08
DKB Procedures for Reimbursement of Expenses Approval of Employee Accommodations.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDKB2016-02-08
DN-1 Disposition of Property Print Materials.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDN-12016-02-08
DN-2 Disposition of Property Equipment and Furniture - May 2017.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDN-22017-05-02
DN-3 Disposition of Property Technology Equipment.pdf
Section D: Fiscal ManagementDN-32016-02-08
EB Initiatives to Support Sustainable Development.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEB2016-02-08
EBAC-1-Environmental and Safety Audits Responding to Concerns About Scented Products.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEBAC-12016-02-08
EBCE Emergency School Closing.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEBCE2016-02-08
EDC Authorized Use of School Division-Owned Equipment.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEDC2016-02-08
EDE-1 Regulation of Non-Recyclable Materials.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEDE-12016-02-08
EEA Transportation of Students APPENDIX A.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEEAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
EEA Transportation of Students.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEEA2016-11-01
EEAE Bus Transportation of Students.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEEAE2016-02-08
EEAEEA Student Transportation - Weather Related.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEEAEEA2016-02-08
EEAG Non-Instructional Transportation - Community Programs and Family Centres.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEEAG2016-11-01
EFA Nutrition in Schools.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEFA2016-02-08
EFA Nutrition in Schools APPENDIX A.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEFAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
EI-IJOB Out-of-Class Physical Education Parent Declaration and Consent Form APPENDIX A.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEI-IJOBAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
EI-IJOB Out-of-Class Physical Education Parent Declaration and Consent Form APPENDIX B.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEI-IJOBAPPENDIX B2016-02-08
EI-IJOB Out-of-Class Physical Education Student Declaration Form APPENDIX C.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEI-IJOBAPPENDIX C2016-02-08
EI-IJOB Out-of-Class Physical Education Student Declaration Form APPENDIX D.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEI-IJOBAPPENDIX D2016-02-08
EI-IJOB Risk Management  Out-of-Class Physical Activity in Grades 11 and 12 Physical EducationHealth Education.pdf
Section E: Support ServicesEI-IJOB2016-02-08
FEGB-1-Contractors' Affidavits and Guarantees - Contrator Safety Plan.pdf
Section F: Facilities DevelopmentFEGB-12016-02-08
Naming of Facilities.pdf
Section F: Facilities DevelopmentFF2008-06-03
GBC Damage to Personal Property.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBC2016-02-08
GBEA Staff Ethics-Conflicts of Interest.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBEA2016-02-08
GBEA Examples of Conflicts of Interest APPENDIX A.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBEAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
Standards of Employee Conduct - Final - June 19 2012.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBEB
Guidelines for Collegial Conflict Resolution of Concerns.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBEBAppendix A
GBEC-ADB Limitations on the Use of Alchohol.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBEC-ADB2016-02-08
GBED-ADC Smoking in Workplaces - Tobacco.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBED-ADC2016-02-08
Board Commitment to Workplace Safety and Health.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBG2010-03-02
Definitions within Workplace Safety and Health Act.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBGAppendix A2010-03-02
GBGBA Safe Work Environment - Violence Prevention Final.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBGBA2016-02-08
GBL Management of Employee Files.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGBL2016-02-08
GCCAB-1 Staff Leaves and Absences Graduation Ceremonies.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCCAB-12016-02-08
GCCAB-GDCB Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff Leaves and Absences - Family Leave.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCCAB-GDCB2016-02-08
GCCAF-GCCBF Teaching Staff Leaves and Basences - Educational leave.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCCAF-GCCBF2017-03-06
GCC-GDC Teaching and Non-Teaching Leaves - Weather Related.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCC-GDC2016-02-08
GCFA-GDFA Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check - Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCFA-GDFA2016-02-08
GCFA-GDFA  Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry APPENDIX A.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCFA-GDFAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
GCF-GDF Teaching and Administrative and Non-Teaching Staff Hiring.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCF-GDF2016-02-08
GCIF-1 Compensation of Staff for Conducting Professional Development Presentations.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCIF-12016-02-08
GCIF-2 Payment of Honoraria for Presentations and Provisions of Services by Employees.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCIF-22016-02-08
GCKA Reassignment Transfer of Teachers.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCKA2016-02-08
GCKA Reassignment Transfer of Teacher APPENDIX A.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCKAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
GCKB Transfer of Administrators.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCKB2016-02-08
GCKC Staff Development - Teaching Staff.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCKC2016-02-08
GCNA LRSD Teachers Professional Learning Plan.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNA2016-02-09
GCNA LRSD Teachers Professional Learning Plan - Français.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNA2016-02-22
Roles and Responsibilities - School Principal Director.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNBAppendix A12010-09-21
Roles and Responsibilities - School Vice-Principal.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNBAppendix A22010-09-21
Roles and Responsibilities - Divisional Coordinator, Consultant or Supervisor.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNB (Appendix A3)Appendix A32010-09-21
Template for Annual Professional Growth Plan - Principal, Director-In-Scope, Vice-Principal, Supervisor, Consultant.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNB (Appendix B)Appendix B2010-11-23
Summative Evaluation Report - Principal, Director-In-Scope, Vice-Principal, Coordinator, Supervisor, Consultant.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNB (Appendix C)Appendix C2010-11-23
GCNC LRSD New Teachers, Term Teachers Evaluation and Teachers Experiencing Difficulty.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNC2016-01-112016-01-11
GCNC Évaluation des nouveaux enseignants, et des enseignants éprouvant des difficultés de la Division scolaire Louis-Riel.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGCNC2016-02-09
GDO Performance Evaluation of Non-Teaching Staff.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGDO2016-02-08
GDO Performance Evaluation of Non-Teaching Report Template.pdf
Section G: PersonnelGDOAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
IDB School Day-End of Term Early Dismissal.pdf
Section I: InstructionIDB2016-02-08
IFC - Commitment to Aboriginal Perspectives in Education - Final Rdg Nov  2011.pdf
Section I: InstructionIFC
IHB - Commitment to Aboriginal Student Achievement - Final Reading - Nov  2011.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHB
IHBA - Special Education - IEP Development.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHBA
Section I: InstructionIHBEBA
IHBEBA - Appendix A.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHBEBAAppendix A
IHBEBA - Appendix B.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHBEBAAppendix B
IHBH-III-I Senior Years - Option to Substitute Credits.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHBH-III-I2016-02-08
IHBH-III-1 Alternative School Programs and Independent Study - Option to Substitute Credit.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHBH-III-IAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
IHC Extended Instructional Program.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHC2016-02-08
IHC Extended Instructional Program Activities (Off-School Site Education).pdf
Section I: InstructionIHC2016-02-08
IHC  Extended Instructional Programs Application for Off-School Site Program.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHCAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
IHC Extended Instructional Program Adherence to Legislation and Guidelines.pdf
Section I: InstructionIHCAPPENDIX B2016-02-08
Policy Framework for Recommending Novesl Plays Picture Books etc.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJAppendix A2004-03-02
IJ - Instructional Resources and Materials.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJ2016-02-08
IJA - Procedures for the Adjudication of Instructional Resources and Materials.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJA2016-02-08
IJA Procedures for the Adjudication of Instructional Resources and Materials.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
IJKA - Technology Resource Selection and Adoption - Installation of Software on Divisional Computer Facilities.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJKA2016-02-08
IJNDA - Internet and Systems Use - Staff.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJNDA2016-02-08
IJNDB Internet and Systems Use-Student.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJNDB2016-02-08
IJNDB- Internet and Systems Use - Student Grades 4-S.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJNDB2016-02-08
IJNDB Internet and Systems and Use - Grades K-3.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJNDB2016-02-08
IJOC Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check - School Volunteers.pdf
Section I: InstructionIJOC2016-02-08
Principles for Fair Student Assessment Practices for Education in Canada.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAppendix A2005-04-12
IK - Academic Achievement - Assessment, Evaluation and Report of Student Learning.pdf
Section I: InstructionIK2016-02-08
IKAB-1 and IKAB-2 Provincial Assessment K-12 Academic Responsibility Honesty and Promotion Retentions.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-1
IKAB-1 Guidelines for Assessment Evaluation and Reporting to Student Learning Grades K-8.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-1
IKAB-1 Communication About Student Learning Grades K-8.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-12016-02-08
IKAB-1 Communication About Student Learning Grades K-8 APPENDIX A.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-1APPENDIX A2016-02-08
IKAB-1 Communication About Student Learning Grades K-8 APPENDIX B.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-1APPENDIX B2016-02-08
IKAB-2 Communication About Student Learning Secondary Schools.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-22016-02-08
IKAB-2 Communication About Secondary Student Learning.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKAB-2APPENDIX A2016-02-08
IKE Grade Placement of Students Kindergarten to Grade 8.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKE2016-02-08
IKEA  Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEA2016-02-08
IKEA  Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Application Process.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX A2016-02-08
IKEA  Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Parental Approval Form.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX B2016-02-08
IKEA Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Letter of Agreement.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX C2016-02-08
IKEA Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Role of the Applicant School.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX D2016-02-08
IKEA Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Assessment Strategies.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX E2016-02-08
IKEA Challenge for Credit Option for Grades 9 to 12 Students Handbook.pdf
Section I: InstructionIKEAAPPENDIX F2016-02-08
ILBA  Review of Divisional Programs.pdf
Section I: InstructionILBA2016-02-08
ILC-KCBB  Divisional Data Collection Initiatives Collection and Use of Information and Data.pdf
Section I: InstructionILC-KCBB2016-02-08
IMBB Exemptions from Required Instruction Dissection of Animal Tissues Organs.pdf
Section I: InstructionIMBB2016-02-08
JEB - Student Attendance - Entrance Age Requirements.pdf
Section J: StudentsJEB2016-02-08
JEB Student Registration Form Appendix B 2016.pdf
Section J: StudentsJEBAPPENDIX B2016-02-16
JF Student Admission to Schools K to Grade 12.pdf
Section J: StudentsJF2016-02-19
JFCE - Responsible Use of Technology by Students.pdf
Section J: StudentsJFCE2016-02-19
JFCE - Legislated Authority Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJFCEAPPENDIX A2016-02-19
JFCE - Responses to Cyberbullying Appendix B.pdf
Section J: StudentsJFCEAPPENDIX B2016-02-19
JJD-Q - Assessment of Fees to Students.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJD-Q2016-02-19
JJD-Q - Assessment of Fees to Students Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJD-QAPPENDIX A2016-02-19
JJE-1-Student Fundraising Activity School Initiated.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-12016-02-16
JJE-1 Student Fundraising Activity School Initiated Civic Charities Permit Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-1APPENDIX A2016-02-16
JJE-2-Student Fundraising Activity Parent Initiated.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-22016-02-16
JJE-2-Civic Charities Permit Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-2APPENDIX A2016-02-16
JJE-3-Student Fundraising Activity Charitable Initiatives.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-32016-02-16
JJE-3-Civic Charities Permit Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJJE-3APPENDIX A2016-02-16
Positive Behaviour Support.pdf
Section J: StudentsJK2015-09-25
JLCC - Communicable Diseases.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCC2016-02-19
JLCC- Management of Communicable Diseases Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCCAPPENDIX A2016-02-19
Administering Medicines to Students.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCD2016-01-112016-01-11
Administration of Prescribed Medication.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCDAPPENDIX A2016-01-112016-01-11
Administration of Prescription or Over The Counter Medicine.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCDAPPENDIX B2016-01-112016-01-11
Universal Precautions.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCDAPPENDIX C2016-01-112016-01-11
Universal Precautions (JLCE).pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCEAppendix E2003-06-17
JLCE - First Aid and Emergency Medical Care.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCE2016-02-16
JLCE - Unified Referral and Intake System URIS Group B Applciation Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCEAPPENDIX A2016-02-16
JLCE - Special Health Care in Schools Appendix C.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCEAPPENDIX C2016-02-16
JLCE - Sample Letter to Parents Guardinas Regarding Life Threatening Allergies Appendix D.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLCEAPPENDIX D2016-02-16
At-Risk Behaviour - Identification, Assessment and Intervention.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLDBB2006-06-06
Incident Report - Assessment of Behaviour to Define Level of Risk.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLDBBAppendix B2006-06-06
Process for Assessment of Behaviour to Define Level of Risk.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLDBBAppendix A2006-06-06
JLF - Reporting Concerns About Child Abuse - May 16 2017.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLF2017-05-162017-05-16
Appendix A Follow-Up to Oral Report of Suspected child Abuse.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLFAppendix A2017-06-072017-06-07
JLIAA Supervision of Students Lunch Supervision Grades K-8.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLIAA2016-02-19
JLIAA Supervision of Students Lunch Supervision Grades K-8 and Grade 9 in Elementary Schools Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJLIAAAPPENDIX A2016-02-19
JRA - Pupil Files-Student Records.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRA2016-02-16
JRA Pupil Files Student Records Pupil File Component Appendix A.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX A2016-02-16
JRA Pupil Files Student Records Procedure for the CUM File Insert Appendix B-1 -.pdf
JRAAPPENDIX B-12016-02-16
JRA  Pupil Support File Location Appendix B-2.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX B-22016-02-16
JRA  Pupil File Transfer Letter Appendix B-3.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX B-32016-02-16
JRA  Procedures for the Youth Criminal Justice  File Component Appendix C.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX C2016-02-16
JRA Pupil File Access Record Sheet Appendix D.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX D2016-02-19
JRA Authorization for Exchange of Information Appendix E.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX E2016-02-19
JRA Procedures for the Pupil Support File Appendix B.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRAAPPENDIX B2016-02-19
JRB-JRC Class Lists Protection of Information.pdf
Section J: StudentsJRB-JRC2016-02-19
Divisional Data Collection Initiatives.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKCBB
Administrative Guidelines for Partnerships with Members of the Community.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKC-KG-KJ-Kl-KM
Partnerships with Members of the Community.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKC-KG-KJ-Kl-KM
Guidelines for Use of Divisional Facilities.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKFBAppendix A
Community Use of Divisional Buildings and Facilities.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKFB
Public Solicitations in Schools-Observance of Remembrance Day.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKHA - C
Political Solicitations in Schools.pdf
Section K: School-Community RelationsKHE
LC - Education Research Projects and or Surveys.pdf
Section L: Education Agency RelationsLC2016-02-08
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Take in some volleyball at UofM! At 6pm @cjsLRSD Varsity Girls Volleyball Team plays for AAAA Provincial High School Championship at Investors Group Athletic Centre. At 8pm @dciLRSD Varsity Boys Volleyball Team play for Provincial Championship title. http://ow.ly/5j4N30mQOu3

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RT @SandyNemeth: Congratulations @cjsLRSD Varsity girls. AAAA varsity🏐 champs!!🏆 https://t.co/ARXAsKkdCK

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Have you seen The Lance? Read about LRSD's new Superintendent Christian Michalik, a very cool hydrology table at St. George School, and Glenlawn Collegiate tooting its own horn about a new production inspired by a devastating fire at the school in 1993. http://ow.ly/FSXn30mQDgI

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RT @SandyNemeth: Oh my word......the guys win! Congratulations to the @dciLRSD varsity volleyball team!!! AAAA champs! 🏆 What an awesome night for @louis_riel_sd♥️ https://t.co/eXqjWpogla

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Wonderful way of honouring the late Sam McCreedy, a school volunteer this holiday season at @magLRSD http://twitter.com/magLRSD/status/1067797185184579584

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RT @LouisRielPEHE: Great way to start the day with 2 @louis_riel_sd #volleyball teams being celebrated on the front page of Free Press sports section. Congratulations @cjsLRSD Varsity Girls and @dciLRSD Varsity Boys! https://t.co/fhpshtgRIV

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