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  • Design with Us: J.H. Bruns Collegiate Major Addition and Renovation Project

    In the 2021-2022 school year, the LRSD Board of Trustees approved that J.H. Bruns Collegiate (JHB) will be re-designated as the catchment area high school for English program students residing in Sage Creek. 

    This change will be implemented effective Sept. 3, 2024, for English program students residing in Sage Creek entering Grade 9.

    To prepare for the additional students, LRSD is taking steps to request an addition and renovations to JHB.

    The division worked with Number TEN Architectural Group and collaborated with community on a design concept for the project. The concept design will support the request we’ve made to the Manitoba government and support the ongoing collaboration with our government partners for this capital project.

    In order to get to where we are today, there has been a tremendous collective effort supported by multiple opportunities for community feedback including:

    • School Administration, Senior Leadership Team, and Architects planned through July, August, September and October
    • The presentation of three concept design options on October 20
    • J.H. Bruns Collegiate Open House on November 16
    • Members of the Senior Leadership Team attending Family of Schools PAC meetings
    • Numerous conversations at staff meetings
    • Additional deep-dive meetings with interested staff

    During these consultations, we have continued collaboration with our government partners. The architects have considered all the feedback gathered through the consultations to inform the Class D Concept design and estimate. On Thursday, December 15, an enhanced version of Option 3 was unveiled as the most viable design option as well as a Cost D Cost Estimate. View the slide deck or watch a full recording of the presentation. The public is encouraged to continue sharing feedback on how we can continue nurturing community as we move into the next steps of the project.