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  • Cultural Enrichment Program




    A Unique Opportunity to Explore Global Citizenship

    Public schools provide meaningful and engaging experiences that foster personal, social and academic growth and prepare student for a bright future. Today, more than ever before, schools must also assist students to appreciate global citizenship and an internal perspective in our increasingly connected world. Cultural enrichment experiences help to develop "citizens of the world," and the Louis Riel School Division's Cultural Enrichment Program supports this goal.


    The Participants

    Students in Grades 10-12 from each of our high schools are being invited to apply to participate in a cultural enrichment exchange program with one of our cooperating schools. Students selected will stay in homestays which have been carefully selected by the school administration. All homestay families are able to speak some English. They will have full access to the school's computer facilities and libraries and receive the necessary instruction to ensure they are part of the student body. Students will attend school and participate in the school program. Excursions to local sites, businesses, nearby communities and cultural attractions will complement the cultural experience.


    Any student registered in Grades 10-12 in the Louis Riel School Division high school (must be a Canadian citizen) may apply. The administration at each of our high schools will consider each of the applications and will make the final selections.


    The Benefits

    In addition to learning about a foreign culture, our students will have an opportunity to develop an appreciation for … 

    • International culture, traditions, languages and lifestyles
    • International interdependence and cooperation
    • The importance of diplomacy, its processes, protocols and benefits
    • Canada's role in the global community
    • Canada's cultural diversity and heritage



    The Schools and Programs

    The schools are in Japan, Germany, Chile, Italy, China and three additional opportunities are currently underway. Schools in Spain, Mexico and France have expressed interest in our program.

    1.      Meitoku Gijuku High School in Kochi City, Japan

    Meitoku Gijuku is a high school in southern Japan with an enrolment of 1050 students. In its Japanese immersion program, LRSD students will study written and spoken Japanese, and have the opportunity to participate in numerous cultural activities with other Japanese immersion students from Australia, China, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

    Students selected will stay in the school's dormitory, and the school's cafeteria will provide all meals. Students can learn about bamboo production, visit a paper factory or take in the history and sites in Kochi City. They will also have the opportunity to join one the school's many clubs that focus on sports, martial arts or the fine arts.

    This program is different from the other programs in that the students stay in dormitories and the stay in Japan is eight weeks long taking place from the beginning of semester two. Families are not required to host Meitoku students in this program.

    Japan Application 2020

    2.      Stadtteilschule Bergstedt High School in Hamburg, Germany

    Stadtteilschule Bergstedt is a high school in northern Germany with an enrolment of 1100 students. In its international program, LRSD students will have an opportunity to learn about German culture and history. A knowledge of the German language is not required but students will be introduced to the foundations of the language. In addition, students will have an opportunity to participate in German family life and experience cultural activities with their fellow students and host families. 

    Excursions to local sites, businesses, nearby communities and cultural attractions will complement your experience – students can learn about the important role that Hamburg has played as one of the largest ports in Europe.

    The program begins with students from LRSD attending school for three weeks in early April and students from Bergstedt coming to stay with students for three weeks beginning in mid-May. Interested families must be able to host a student in their home.

    Germany Application 2020

    3.      Saint Matthew High School in Villarrica, Chile

    Saint Matthew High School in Villarrica is located in southern Chile on a beautiful plain at the base of tall mountains including an active volcano. The school is a K-12 school with an enrollment of just over 500 students.

    Chile Application 2020


    4.      Istituto Alberghiero Molfetta, Italy

    Located in Southern Italy on the Adriatic Sea, is the beautiful city of Molfetta, Instituto Alberghiero has an enrollment of approximately 1000 students. This school specializes in Italian cuisine and prepares students for careers in restaurants and hotels. Traditional high school subjects are also taught at the school.

    The Italian exchange is about 3 weeks in duration and involves staying with Italian families and hosting the student when they come to Winnipeg.


    While in Italy, students will also visit Rome to see historical sites including The Colosseum and The Vatican.

    Italy Application 2020

    5.       Luzhou High School, China

    Luzhou High School is in Sichuan Province in south central China. The school and the school grounds cover over 180 hectares and the school has more than 7,700 students and almost 600 teachers. This exchange program is somewhat shorter than the others. Our students will spend two weeks in China and the students from China will spend two weeks with us in July 2019.


    Students going to China will be staying in the dormitories at the school and will be accompanied by school division staff for the duration of the stay. Daily activities and excursions are planned including visiting the world famous Panda sanctuary in Cheng Du City.


    Luzhou High School is a very highly ranked school in China and has many years of experience with exchange programs with the United Kingdom and the United States of America.


    Selected students will be asked to host a Chinese student for two weeks in July 2018.

    China Application 2020


    The Courses, Credits and Evaluation


    This program is designed to enhance your current educational experience; therefore, you will have the opportunity to earn a 0.5 high school credit during your time away and your involvement in Winnipeg. This credit will be treated as "out-of-country" credit when students complete the exchange. Evaluation of your progress in the program will be at the discretion of the cultural enrichment facilitator who will submit formal written reports once the program is completed.


    For a truly authentic writing experience, students will keep a blog and submit a journal at the end of their studies. They will be invited to share their experience through presentation to school groups, government agencies, service groups and local media after returning to Winnipeg.



    The Application Process

    Any student registered in Grades 10 - 12 in the Louis Riel School Division high school (must be a Canadian citizen) may apply. The application should be submitted to your school administration by the timelines indicated on the application.