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  • About International Student Program


    Residents in China can view the above video here.

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    Learn all about ISP at LRSD

    The International Student Program (ISP) is accredited and a member of Imagine Canada, CAPS-I and MCIE. Each year we welcome students from all over the world to study at our schools and enjoy the experience of a lifetime in Canada. The Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) is a designated education provider in Manitoba and abides by the International Education Act and the Code of Practice and Conduct Regulations established by the Manitoba Government.

    We offer:

    • Quality, affordable educational experiences
    • The opportunity for students to attend classes in either English or French
    • English support for students new to the language
    • Top quality programming across a broad range of courses for students of all ages

    Manitoba Curriculum

    All students in our division are taught the Manitoba curriculum. Grades 9 to 12 students earn credits towards a Manitoba high school diploma.

    The Manitoba high school diploma is recognized worldwide and many students graduate from our schools and go on to pursue post-secondary education in Canada or abroad. Manitoba credits are also transferable between jurisdictions across Canada and in many other countries around the world.

    Students require 30 credits to graduate. These 30 credits are made up of both compulsory (mandatory) and optional courses (electives). This system gives students the flexibility to pursue courses that are best for their interests and goals.

    ISP is More than Credits

    ISP offers more than the regular Canadian curriculum to international students. ISP also offers a Summer Enrichment Program and a wide variety of Student Activities. 

    Semester System

    The Canadian school year runs from September to June. We break it into two semesters:

    • First semester – September to January
    • Second semester – February to June

    Course options vary in each semester at each school. Every school offer the courses required to graduate.