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  • Go Outside and Play!

    At Island Lakes Community School, we are lucky to be able to take our learning outside in our community garden. 

    The Ks have been picking flowers to make patterns and sampling vegetables. Later, they will be exploring making soup and salsa. 

    There are large pumpkins in the mud kitchen, and students are taking photos of the various parts of the vine to use in sequencing/storytelling. Students are exploring and connecting a variety of literature to their learning. Some buddy classrooms are doing an activity together where they have to seek, find, draw, and identify the fruit or vegetables. In addition, some classes picked green vegetables and are watching them turn red. What a great science experiment. Even the seeds will be harvested from flowers. 

    Next week, classes will be picking and cooking things from the garden, and of course, the day before the first frost comes, all the vine vegetables will need to be harvested. This garden is for everyone, and the learning opportunities are endless. 

    We know that children and teens who play outside and enjoy nature are physically healthier. There are many benefits to being outdoors. If a child grows up with an appreciation of nature, they will learn to better care for our world. 

    Get outside and play!