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  • The High School Credit System


    In order to graduate you must complete all the requirements below.  For example, if you have 34 credits, but do not have a grade 12 English credit, you are NOT eligible to graduate because grade 12 English is a compulsory course.

    Special Note: There may be a difference between high school graduation requirements and post-secondary (university/college) entrance requirements.  You may graduate from high school but be unable to enter the school of your choice because you have not taken the right credits.

    ​​Grade 9
    5 ​Compulsory
    Grade 10​
    5 Compulsory
    Grade 11
    4 Compulsory​
    Grade 12
    3 Co​mpulsory​
    ​English 10FEnglish 20F​English 30S​English 40S​
    ​Math 10FMath 20S​Math 30S​Math 40S​
    ​Phys. Ed 10FPhys. Ed 20F​Phys. Ed. 30F​Phys. Ed. 40F​
    ​Social Studies 10FGeography 20F​History 30F​Grade 12 (Elective)
    ​Science 10FScience 20F​​Grade 11 (Elective)Grade 12 (Elective)​

    3 Electives
    3 Electives​
    (any grade 10 level)
    2 Electives
    (any grade 11 or 12 level)
    2 Elective​
    (one must be Gr.​ 12 for University)
    ​8 Credits8 Credits​7 Credits​
    7 Credits​

    A total of 30 credits are needed to graduate.​