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  • Grade Ten, Eleven, and Twelve Registration Information

    Registration Information for Students Currently Attending Glenlawn

    The information below hopes to give future grade 10, 11, and 12 students who will be attending Glenlawn Collegiate next school year some advance information prior to completing their registration for courses.

    Glenlawn Collegiate Course Selection Information

    This information will give you some background on the courses that are need to graduate and the number of credits students are expected to complete each year.High school credit system
    This is a complete list of all courses that can be taken at Glenlawn Collegiate and each is linked to a course description.Complete List of Glenlawn Courses
    This is information for students thinking about schooling after high school and possible prerequisites for programs.  High school graduation requirements are NOT the same as registration requirements for post-secondary schools.Post-secondary Information
    This is a list of all of the specialized programming available for students at Glenlawn and information about special opportunities to receive credits.Special Credits and Special Programs

    Online Registration of Current Students

    This will be done on Student Advocate Day (SAS) day with their advocate. Check with the school to confirm this day each year.

    Registration Information for New Students to the Glenlawn Area

    Confirm that Glenlawn is your catchment area school by typing your address into the School Locator found at this link.

    School Locator

    If Glenlawn is your catchment school, contact the office at (204) 233-3986 or register online through the LRSD site