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  • High School Credit System and Graduation Requirements

    A student must successfully complete a minimum of 30 credits to graduate. This includes 21 compulsory credits and a minimum of 9 electives.

    What is a credit? A credit is defined by the Department of Education as a course of study undertaken in approximately 110 hours of instruction and earned by a student through successful completion of that course of study. A total of 30 credits is the minimum requirement for graduation from a four- year high school program. These credits must include compulsory credits. 


    How to Understand Course Codes

    Course Numbering

    The numbering system is made up of three characters, the first and second being numerals and the third a letter. The first character represents the grade level, the second the origin of development, and the third the level of difficulty or specialization.


    1 = Grade 9

    2 = Grade 10

    3 = Grade 11

    4 = Grade 12



    0 – Developed/approved by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth for 1 or more credits.

    5 – Developed/approved by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth for ½ credit

    1 – Developed by the School or Division including Self-Initiated Projects for ½ or more credits

    2 – Advanced placement courses or private music options.



    F           Foundation: educational experiences, which are broadly based and appropriate to all students.

    G         General: general educational experience for all students.

    S          Specialized: learning experiences/skills leading to further studies at the post-secondary level.

    M         Modified: courses for which curriculum has been modified to take into account the capabilities of students with special needs.

    U          University-based: post-secondary courses that can be recognized for dual credit at the Grade 12 level and also for the first year of university.



    Social Studies 10G – Grade 9, general course, developed by the Department for 1 credit.

    Introduction to Applied & Pre-Calculus Mathematics 20S – Grade 10, specialized course developed by Manitoba Education, Citizenship and Youth, leading to further studies at the post-secondary level.


    We try to offer a variety of options for our students in order to provide a well-rounded high school experience. However, it is possible that certain options will not be offered if there is insufficient interest at the time of registration.