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  • Student Committees

    Students are encouraged to join different committees during their high school experience to learn new skills that they may not learn in a classroom. Clubs/committees provide students the opportunity to expand their thinking and interest and encourages their personal development through communication and exploration. Here are a few:

    Humanitaires en herbe d’UNESCO

    UNESCO schools are laboratories of ideas that focus on inclusive, innovative, quality education. Sound practices promote UNESCO values inside and outside school and work to share them with others. The Network empowers groups of school participants to take on active roles locally and globally to resolve global challenges and contribute proactively to a more just, peaceful, inclusive, secure, and sustainable world. Collège Jeanne-Sauvé is one of the 70 schools in Canada belonging to the Associated Schools Network thereby making a commitment to support UNESCO's ideals through five pillars of learning and four themes of study.

    Pillars of Learning

    • Learning to live together.
    • Learning to be.
    • Learning to do.
    • Learning to know.
    • Learning to transform oneself and society.


    Themes of Study

    • Inter-cultural learning.
    • Peace and human rights.
    • Education for sustainable development.
    • ASPnet and UN priorities.


    Indigenous Youth Leadership

    LRSD’s Indigenous Youth Leadership program focuses on bringing together Indigenous Youth from across the division to build relationships, foster a sense of belonging and collective voice, and provide authentic cultural, language, and land-based learning opportunities for Indigenous students in LRSD. At CJS, members represent the school in divisional activities throughout the school year, help support all our Indigenous students, and educate our school communities in the process of reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples.


    CJS BIPOC et allié.e.s

    This student group aims to create an inclusive environment for Black, Indigenous, Students of Colour as well as their allies. We aim to promote equity, diversity and inclusion within our school and celebrate the successes of the aforementioned communities.

    Our activities involve planning school events like Black History Month and Asian Heritage Month. Students also take part in events around the city and field trips that explore diversity in our larger community. We seek to foster connections with BIPOC individuals from our community to open dialogue that allows us to listen and uphold the greater interests of these students. 


    Amis de Rachel

    Les Amis de Rachel is a committee inspired by Rachel Scott, the first victim of the shooting at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel’s goal was to change the world, one simple act of kindness at a time. She strived to create a positive chain reaction of kindness and strived to include and celebrate everyone. Our committee began to organize simple projects in 2010 and continues to share the spirit of Rachel in monthly school activities, which include: volunteering at the Hand-in-Hand for Haiti run, Valentine’s Day cards, an Easter egg hunt, draws for prizes, a toy mountain and hockey game at Christmas time, free hot chocolate days, Kendra’s Walk for cancer in the spring, preparing dainties for police officers and firefighters in the community, to name a few. Come and join us and help us to keep Rachel’s spirit alive in the halls of CJS!


    Aidants naturels

    Aidants naturels is comprised of grade 10, 11 and 12 students who have been identified by their peers as natural helpers. Students receive basic training in peer counseling which allows them to better understand and assist others. Aidants naturels members undertake different roles in the school; participate in various workshops, attend conferences, and initiate projects that benefit the entire student population. Recent themes have included maintaining a balanced lifestyle, encouraging resiliency and promoting positive relationships.



    This club is for young people who would like to be part of a competitive team that plays video games. Through the PlayVS organization, our teams play matches against other high schools across North America. In this club, students participate in practices, follow a game schedule, and participate in other social activities with their teammates. Some of the games offered are League of Legends, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rocket League, Splatoon 2, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


    Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

    The Gender- Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at Collège Jeanne Sauvé works to promote a safer and more accepting environment for people of all sexual orientations or gender identities through education, peer support, social action, and advocacy. We believe that schools can be truly safe only when every individual is able to access their education without fear of harassment or violence. 

    Our activities involve planning for school events, spreading awareness at school, attending conferences, making crafts, or just being social at our Game Nights. We also have our own GSA Library where any students can anonymously borrow a variety of queer-themed books (fiction, graphic novels, biographies, etc.) for free if they are returned to the school in good condition. Any and all are welcome to attend our weekly meetings to talk, as we are here to support each other, share resources, learn together and have fun.



    This group works under the supervision of a staff member and plays an active leadership role in the exploration of concepts and ideas related to environmental topics.



    …and many others such as Club de Japonais, Club de sciences & mathé, Club de lecture, Impro and Club de journalisme… just to name a few!