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  • Celebrating Manitoba School Library Day

    The Manitoba School Library Association (MSLA) has announced Monday, October 24, 2022 as Manitoba School Library Day/Journée des bibliothèques scolaires du Manitoba. The theme for Manitoba School Library Day this year is “The Right to Read: Children’s Rights Are Human Rights” which speaks to a library’s commitment to literacy and learning, equity, and democracy.  

    School libraries reflect the strategic priorities outlined in the Louis Riel School Division’s (LRSD) Multi-Year Strategic Plan in a number of ways:  

    BELONGING: School libraries are the great equalizer because they serve everyone, by creating a culture of inclusion where all students and staff see themselves represented in the library learning commons. 

    MASTERY: School libraries create a culture of learning and well-becoming whereby learning as a lifestyle is fostered and curiosity, creativity and critical thinking are nurtured as an essential part of experiencing and enjoying a meaningful life.  

    INDEPENDENCE: School libraries create a culture of inquiry and responsibility whereby we encourage the acquisition of information literacy skills as essential in developing self-confidence and how we value learning as a lifelong journey.   

    GENEROSITY: School libraries create a culture of caring and collaboration whereby we show care and concern for others, as we learn and work together. For many students and their families, school libraries are community libraries where access to resources, information, and technology is unconditional. Families find a comfortable, welcoming space and a wealth of resources to help them learn, grow and explore together.

    Happy Manitoba School Library Day 2022 to all our LRSD school library personnel – library assistants, library technicians, and teacher-librarians. Thank you for all your support and dedication in promoting literacy and learning, and in fostering vibrant reading communities across our school division.


    Kathleen Atkin
    Divisional Teacher-Librarian