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  • Tiny Teachers, Big Lessons

    The Louis Riel School Division is looking for families with babies between two and four months in October interested in participating in Roots of Empathy. The program teaches elementary school children how to care for and respect other kids. 

    Over the school year, parent(s) and baby volunteers visit a classroom nine times with a Roots of Empathy instructor. Sitting around the "Green Blanket," the parent(s) will teach the students about their baby. In turn, students will learn about themselves, their feelings, their temperament traits, and their relationships with family and others.  

    Benefits of becoming a Roots of Empathy family include: 

    • Demonstrating the loving relationship between you and your baby  
    • Supporting the development of children’s social and emotional competence 
    • Developing a better understanding of your baby’s development and needs 
    • Building a positive connection to the children, the school, the community 

    For more information, please get in touch with Tricia Bailey Sauvé at