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  • LRSD walks in 2023 Pride Parade… but this time, with some Pep!

    This past Sunday, June 4, marked another pride parade in the books. LRSD is proud to have had many of our students, teachers, support staff, administrators, and trustees joining our schools walking in the parade. 

    LRSD’s float was one of the last in the parade, giving us the opportunity to end things off with a bang – literally. Dakota Collegiate’s Pep Band led the way for LRSD’s group in the parade and they were an absolute hit.

    “Despite how hot it was, the band was even hotter; their energy and enthusiasm had everyone watching the parade dancing, spelling out Y-M-C-A, and joining along with Hand Claps!” says DCI teacher Robbie Scott.

    The Pep Band is an all-volunteer band made up of students from grades 10-12, though they opened the Pride Parade performance up to the grade 9s as well. 

    Darren Ritchie, band teacher at DCI, says the Pride Parade was the Pep Band’s first event as a “marching” band – they’ve performed at many school and community events as a stationary band, but this was the first one they got moving at. They performed 2 songs that they had been practicing and memorizing for the entire school year: YMCA by Village People and Handclap by Fitz and the Tantrums.

    Getting to walk in such an important event is an opportunity that means a lot to students. 

    “Being a part of the first ever Dakota pep band marching at such an important parade was a colorful moment for me. People all joined in and danced to the music (mainly YMCA); it was a lively environment to be in. 10/10!” says Rylie Rawluk, a grade 11 student in the band.

    Carter Martens, a student in grade 12 says, "It was so awesome seeing everyone come out to play in the pride parade and support everyone involved! it was super fun playing with everybody!" 

    Mr. Scott feels that the DCI marching group for pride will never be the same without the Pep Band: “A new tradition has been born!”