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  • Announcing the Retirement of Tannis Steiman

    The LRSD Board of Trustees accepted the notice of retirement for Tannis Steiman on January 17, 2023. 

    Tannis has worked in the Louis Riel and legacy divisions of St. Boniface and St. Vital since 1989. She received her Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Education from the University of Manitoba and began teaching as a Music specialist. She then taught as an elementary teacher at General Vanier School before moving into the school's Student Services Teacher position. Tannis later moved to Glenlawn Collegiate, where her belief that every student has the ability to learn and excel at their own developmental level was clearly evident. 

    Her guiding principle is that students' learning must encompass the expectation of attaining personal excellence; academically, physically, socially, and emotionally within an inclusive, stimulating, and safe environment. Tannis modelled this belief in her life and continued to pursue professional learning, obtaining her Master of Education in 2017. 

    Tannis was appointed as the vice principal of Marion School in 2004. She went on to serve as school leader at Hastings School (2006-2009), Glenlawn Collegiate (2011-2012), and George McDowell School (2012-2013). Tannis is finishing her career as principal of H.S. Paul School (2014-2023). 

    Throughout her career, she sought to create a collaborative culture to develop the capacity of all stakeholders within the community. Tannis believed that decision-making should focus on student achievement and development. She nurtured an inclusive pedagogical environment. Tannis partnered with school staff, the Parent Advisory Council and the broader community to meet the diverse needs and bring enthusiasm and vision to the community. 

    Tannis has been a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion. Her strong belief is that effective leadership must embrace the diversity of the school's community based on respect, tolerance, and responsibility. 

    With much gratitude, we thank Tannis for her service to the Louis Riel School Division and the support and guidance she has provided to countless students, families and employees over the course of her work. 

    Tannis Steiman

    Darcy Cormack

    Assistant Superintendent