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  • Snow Sculptures in Sage Creek

    Before the Winter Break, Qualico approached École Sage Creek School, sharing the possibility of offering morning workshops on snow sculptures to two classes. Mme Philippot and Mrs. Farrell’s classes were the lucky two who had the opportunity to welcome artists into their classrooms. David MacNair and Gary Tessier were the guest artists who came to offer the workshops to the students. 

    Some of the information they shared with the students included:

    • General introduction on sculpting
    • A basic introduction to the tools used
    • Conversations on creative thinking, design ideas, etc.
    • Explanation of how to draw the design onto a grid
    • Working on plasticine and learning the difference between modelling (adding material) and sculpting (removing material) as well as the different forms of sculpting ex: bas relief

    ESCS%202.jpgEach student came up with their own idea, drew the design, and then began to work on their plasticine sculptures. As a follow-up, David and Gary selected one of the student’s design ideas from the workshop. On Friday, January 13, the artists began creating a large snow sculpture in the square in Sage Creek. That afternoon, the students from the two classes had the opportunity to visit the artists working on the full-size snow sculpture. This was a great opportunity to see the professional artists in action and the tools used for snow sculpting while working on an idea provided by one of the students! Students were also provided with an opportunity to handle the tools in this authentic experience. The students truly appreciated and enjoyed this wonderful opportunity, all while learning various skills.

    Thank you to Qualico for offering École Sage Creek School this opportunity and to M. MacNair and M. Tessier for sharing their expertise with the students! We encourage you to visit the snow sculpture at the corner of Sage Creek Boulevard and Burning Glass Road. ESCS%204.jpg