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Ojibwe Word of the Week

​The United Nations has proclaimed 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages. 

In recognition of this, until the end of 2019 LRSD will be releasing an Ojibwe word of the week.

Take a look at all the words below.

Week of December 16

Ojibwe: Mino-gichi-anama/egiizhigan 
(Min/no – gi/chi-ah/na/meh/ah/eh/gay/zhi/gun)
English: Merry Christmas


Week of December 9

Ojibwe: Miigiwewin (mee/gee/way/win)
English: Gift


Week of December 2

Ojibwe: Mizise (meh/zi/sey)
English: Turkey


Week of November 25

Ojibwe: Waagosh (wah/gosh)
English: Fox


Week of November 18

Ojibwe: Biboon (bi/boon)
English: Winter


Week of November 11

Ojibwe: Waabooz (wah/booz)
English: Rabbit


Week of November 4

Ojibwe: Awesiwag (ah/weh/see/wahk)
English: Animals


Week of October 28

Ojibwe: Waawaate (wah/wah/tay)
English: Northern lights


Week of October 21

Ojibwe: Anang (a/nung)
English: Star


Week of October 14

Ojibwe: Giizis (g/ee/zis)
English: Sun


Week of October 7

Ojibwe: Dibiki-giizis (di/bi/key/gee/zis)
English: Moon


Week of September 30

Ojibwe: Dagwaagin (daa/gwah/gun)
English: Fall


Week of September 23

Ojibwe: Nibi (ni/bi)
English: Water


Week of September 16

Ojibwe: Mitig (meg/tig)
English: Tree

Week of September 9

Ojibwe: Asin (ah/sin)
English: Rock

Week of September 2

Ojibwe: Aki (ah/keh)
English: Earth

Week of August 26

Ojibwe: Miigwech (meeg/wech)
English: Thank you

Week of August 19

Ojibwe: Boozhoo (boo/zhoo)
English: Hello

Week of August 12

Ojibwe: Namadabin (nah/mah/dah/bin)
English: You sit

Week of August 5

Ojibwe: Niibawin (knee/buh/win)
English: You stand

Week of July 29

Ojibwe: Biiginaago (bee/gin/ago)
English: Yesterday


Week of July 22

Ojibwe: Waabang (waah/bung)
English: Tomorrow


Week of July 15

Ojibwe: Noongom (noon/gum)
English: Today


Week of July 8

Ojibwe: Anishanaabemowin (uh/nish/uhnawe/beh/mo/win)
English: Ojibwe language


Week of July 1

Ojibwe: Ziigwan (zee/gwan)
English: Spring


Week of June 24

Ojibwe: Mazina’igan (ma/zi/nay/e/gun)
English: Paper Book


Week of June 17

Ojibwe: Ozhibii’iganaak (o/zhee/be/gun/nuck)
English: Pen/Pencil


Week of June 10

Ojibwe: Giginoo'amaagan (gi/gi/new/a/mah/gun)
English: Student


Week of June 3

Ojibwe: Niibin (knee/bin)
English: Summer


Week of May 27

Ojibwe: Giginoo’amaagamik (gi/gi/new/amaa/guy/ga/mik)
English: School


Week of May 20

Ojibwe: Niwiijiiwaagan (ni/we/jee/wah/gun) 
English: My friend.


Week of May 13

Ojibwe: Nisaye (ni/sigh/yay)
nglish: Older brother


Week of May 6

Ojibwe: Nishiime (ni/she/meh)
nglish: Younger brother/sister


Week of April 29

Ojibwe: Nimise
nglish: Older sister (ney/mi/say)


Week of April 22

Ojibwe: Nimishoomis (neh/meh/shoe/miss) or Mishoom (meh/shoom) 
nglish: My grandfather


Week of April 15

Ojibwe: Nookomis (know/come/miss) or Gookom (koo/come)
nglish: My grandmother


Week of April 8

Ojibwe: Nimbaabaa (nim/baa/baa) or Nindede (nin/dey/dey)
nglish: My father


Week of April 1

Ojibwe: Nimama (knee/ma/ma)
nglish: My mother


Week of March 18

Ojibwe: Abinoojii (a/bin/knoo/jee)
nglish: Child


Week of March 11

Ojibwe: Giin (geen)
nglish: You


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