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​Our Curriculum: Teaching & Learning

Learning does not end with the ring of a school bell; it occurs in every facet of our lives. We learn every day at school, home, work, and in our community.

Although teachers in the Louis Riel School Division are responsible for delivering provincial curricula, their roles are much richer and include all aspects of learning—cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural.

The process of teaching and learning is an exchange, and although teachers, other staff members, parents, and students have distinct roles, each of them receive and contribute to that process.

The Louis Riel School Division strives to develop an appreciation for lifelong learning—to realize that aim it actively cultivates and harnesses the knowledge, skills and abilities of adults and young people who value learning and each other.

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RT @SheevaKlassen: It was Social Studies in Action for @darwinLRSD gr. 7 & 8's! We learned about homelessness & poverty @SiloamMission. We delved into issues of justice, equality, #residentialschools & rights @CMHR_News. And we enjoyed lunch @TheForks! @louis_riel_sd https://t.co/yorH2u9CpH

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RT @AnthonySalcito: On day three of #Bett2020, we’re previewing new accessibility tools to help you personalize lesson plans, meet diverse learning needs, and make your classroom more inclusive. Check it out! https://t.co/omEP8Z7Zc7

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RT @AriaAzizi: Key takeaway: “inclusion and equity are at the heart of every future”. Well said @louis_riel_sd https://t.co/e21iIOE0yi

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