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Updates and Improvements in Facilities at LRSD 2015-2016

October 13, 2016

​​​​​​​There is always something happening in LRSD! From student-inspired fundraisers​ to exciting new educational opportunities for our students, there is a lot to keep up with. During the 2015-2016 Budget we have made a significant investment in student learning and in infrastructure. The Maintenance budget has been static for many years while class sizes had dropped significantly.

Here are some of the recent projects, renovations, and improvements happening around schools in LRSD:

Shamrock Band Room Renovation

With new ceiling tiles and soundproofing, students at Shamrock School get to practice their instruments in a professional musical setting. We're excited to see musical education growing at Shamrock!

Shamrock Band Room.jpeg

J.H. Bruns Cafeteria

Have you heard about the improvements happening to the cafeteria at J.H. Bruns Collegiate? Check out the new kitchen!

J.H. V 019.jpeg

École Howden Portables

As the community grows, so do our schools! There have been two portable classrooms installed at École Howden!

Howden Portables (3).jpeg 

École Henri-Bergeron Gym Floor​

New and improved gym floors installed at École Henri-Bergeron!

 Henri Bergeron Gym Floor (3).jpeg

Windsor Park Collegiate Dust Collector​

Shops classes rejoice! Windsor Park Collegiate has installed a brand new dust collector. 

Dust collector WPC (2).jpeg

Dakota Collegiate Fitness Centre

Recent improvements to the fitness centre at Dakota Collegiate! Bikes, treadmills, weights and more are all available to students who are looking to break a sweat!

Dakota Fitness (3).jpeg

Collège Béliveau​ Sci​ence Rooms​

Did you know that Collège Béliveau has had two science rooms updated with new improvements?  

Beliveau Science Labs updated 2016.JPG ​​


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Discover the highlights from last week's Board of Trustees Meeting: https://t.co/Y3NPkMthHp The next regular meeting of the Board is Tuesday, December 1, 2020. All are welcome! The agenda will be published the Friday prior. https://t.co/xzB0w0PPQe

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Two students from @wpcLRSD volunteered their time and talent to help @RIELEVATE, an endowment fund that supports programs and initiatives in our community that directly benefit students and their families. Read more in this article by @TrusteeLouiseJ: https://t.co/OSbP5s7skO

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RT @PBLWorks: Looking to scaffold thinking in Project Based Learning? Download this document for routines! https://t.co/YMFkIRXpaV #visiblethinking #PBL #criticalthinking https://t.co/pOTPIuF8kc

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