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Taking a New Approach: LRSD Board of Trustees

September 10, 2021

​During the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) Board of Trustees’ annual meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7, Trustee Sandy Nemeth was elected Vice-Chair and Trustee Tom Parker was elected as a member of the Riel-Evate Endowment Fund Committee. Congratulations to both Trustee Nemeth and Trustee Parker! I look forward to working alongside you and the rest of the Board as I continue my role as Chair. It is truly an honour and I appreciate the trust and support that I’ve been given.  

This year, the Board has decided to take a different approach to committee work. Aside from the Riel-Evate Endowment Fund Committee, we did not appoint individuals to committees. Instead, we will work collectively as a team. Through our community consultations and honest discussions, we realized that simply appointing the same committees was not enough. We are a progressive division, and your School Board needs to lead by example.   

Our goal is to provide stronger governance and remain agile during rapidly changing circumstances. The hope is that this change in structure will bring deeper conversations and understanding, more responsive to the needs of our community, and eliminate duplication of work for our Senior Leadership Team and Support Group.    

We will focus a significant amount of time and effort on creating a culture of equity and inclusion as outlined in the Belonging Quadrant in our Multi-Year Strategic Plan. This work has been ongoing in LRSD and continues through the division’s recent Indigenous, BIPOC, and Ethno-Cultural Diversity Employee Survey and other initiatives. We look forward to creating a deeper understanding and making meaningful changes throughout the 2021-2022 school year.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Board of Trustees.   
Louise Johnston, Chair

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