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Remembering René Deleurme

May 25, 2021

​It is with great sadness that the Deleurme family announced the peaceful passing of René Deleurme on April 30, 2021.  

René Deleurme was an important figure in the Louis Riel School Division’s (LRSD) history. He was the founding principal of the former École Lavallée in 1974 when Francophone students in St. Vital School Division outgrew a small facility at École Ste-Marie. In the fall of 1978, the St. Vital School Board introduced French Immersion classes to the division. Deleurme then began supervising both the Français and French Immersion programs.   

As the French Immersion program continued to grow, Deleurme became principal of the entire program, with three schools housing French Immersion students from kindergarten to Grade 9: École Varennes, École Norberry and École Hastings.   

Monsieur Deleurme retired from the former St. Vital School Division in 1987, from his last position as the Assistant Superintendent responsible for language programming, among other portfolios. He mentored many teachers and the teaching community understandably regarded him as the “père” (father) of Francophone and French Immersion education. 

As a renowned Francophone and French Immersion educator in Manitoba and as a recipient of the Francophone community’s most prestigious award, le PRIX RIEL, Deleurme was demonstrably a significant contributor to Français and French Immersion language learning. 

In 2007, Lavallee Centre (formerly École Lavallée) was renamed to the René Deleurme Centre (RDC) to honour his contributions to LRSD’s legacy divisions. The centre quickly evolved into an integral part of the LRSD community, welcoming newcomers and supporting parents and families. RDC provides a space for mature student education, EAL and literacy programs, and houses several childcare facilities that support the community. 

Notre communauté se souvient chaleureusement de Monsieur Deleurme comme pédagogue et leader avant-gardiste. Nous offrons nos sincères condoléances à sa famille, à ses amis et à ses proches.  
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