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Ojibwe Word of the Week | August 19, 2019

July 31, 2019
The United Nations has proclaimed 2019 the International Year of Indigenous Languages.

In recognition of this, from now until the end of year, LRSD will be releasing an Ojibwe word of the week.

This week's word is “hello.



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RT @UNESCO: The fight against #ClimateChange is also a fight for peace. Climate change is not just a threat to the 🌎’s ecosystem - it threatens our fundamental rights & international ☮️. On International #PeaceDay, we invite read @UNESCOCourier and learn more 👉https://t.co/SI9n6rY4iB https://t.co/4IKY6l5Rph

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RT @UNESCO: #ClimateChange threatens international #Peace. It... forces millions to leave their homes 🌪️ endangers food security🌾 accelerate tensions over resources🌎 This is the battle of our lives, a race against time. We can win -- and we must! ℹ https://t.co/ZL5tMNpBKh #PeaceDay https://t.co/dhBk0xH9IT

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RT @mbteachers: Superb #Indigenous awareness training for MTS staff & Provincial Executive today by @sonyaballantyne (Pic 1, centre), plus @kelseylenaghan & Bobbie-Jo Leclair (Pic 2, centre). Some of the most anticipated sessions of the year. #OrangeShirtDay is September 30th! #everychildmatters https://t.co/jrJjqvK8Ke

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