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LRSD Staff Announcements June 30

June 30, 2021

I would like to share the following information which was shared at the Special School Board meeting on June 29, 2021: 

  • Jamie Rudnicki has been appointed Associate Secretary-Treasurer, effective June 30, 2021, and upon Marna Kenny's retirement on November 30, 2021, Jamie Rudnicki will be appointed Secretary-Treasurer.
  • Bobbie-Jo Leclair has been appointed the Divisional Vice-Principal of Indigenous Education, Intercultural Understanding and Transformation, effective August 1, 2021.
  • Curt Krahn will be transferred to Dr. D. W. Penner School as Principal, effective August 1, 2021. 
  • Shelly Hopper will be transferred to Shamrock School as Principal, effective August 1, 2021.
  • Nicole Mager will be transferred to Lavallee School as Principal, effective August 1, 2021.

On behalf of the School Board and the Senior Leadership Team, I wish all colleagues every success in their new roles. 

Christian Michalik

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