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Future School Site in LRSD

January 22, 2021

On Thursday, Jan 21, Education Minister Cliff Cullen and Central Services Minister Reg Helwer announced several investments in school capital funding. 

Among the seven land acquisition projects included in the Manitoba government release, a kindergarten to Grade 8 school in the Sage Creek neighbourhood was identified as one of the future school sites in the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD). 
“I’m extremely proud of the small team of staff in LRSD who were able to work on this file and reiterate this critical need for investment and infrastructure to government even while the increased responsibilities of navigating a pandemic required a great deal of their attention,” said Christian Michalik, superintendent, LRSD. “While the arrival of COVID-19 may have slowed the progress on this important development, we will now focus our attention on getting shovels into the ground as soon as possible.” 
The projects identified in the Manitoba government release are planned to be completed within a timeframe of six to 24 months following the award of tenders and start of construction. LRSD is currently in discussions with Qualico and government officials to finalize the land purchase agreement, project scope and timelines.
“Parents who send their children to École Sage Creek School (ÉSCS) already know that ÉSCS is overpopulated and enrollment projections for future years show continued growth,” said Marc Poirier, principal, ÉSCS. “Even before our current school opened, we let government know that a second elementary school is required in Sage Creek.” 
Members of the ÉSCS Parent Advisory Council met on Thursday evening to discuss the announcement. Principal Poirier spoke at the meeting to let attendees know that LRSD is currently finalizing the process of purchasing land for the second school. Details from the meeting and a link to the official news release will be emailed to the ÉSCS community today. 

Once the site assessment is complete in early February and the land purchase is finalized, we look forward to sharing more details with our community.  
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LRSD PARENTS/GUARDIANS: You've got mail! Check your inbox for an email from communications@news.lrsd.net ✉ We've included important info about COVID-19 mitigation strategies. Please refamiliarize yourself with the content as there have been some important updates. https://t.co/z6Cm352rR6

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The LRSD Communications Team won 3 awards for the Manito Ahbee Aki launch campaign in this year's @CPRSNational Awards of Excellence: 🏆Canadian Digital Communications Campaign 🏆Best Use of Media Relations: Small Budget 🏆New Product or Service Launch https://t.co/GTnoGGSEAx https://t.co/abDCkbPYnc

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The Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination of Students Participating in Extra-Curricular Activities policy received 2nd reading by the Board of Trustees on Sept. 21. The Board will continue reviewing feedback before considering the policy for 3rd reading on Oct. 5 https://t.co/q5t0VkPFC5 https://t.co/wtmMeEYabV

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