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An Exercise in Innovation

April 19, 2021

Four Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) physical education teachers have been acknowledged with a Physical and Health Educators (PHE) of Manitoba Innovator Award for their professional contribution to the promotion of physical and health education.  

The four LRSD recipients are: 
  • Johnathan Wolfe from Glenlawn Collegiate 
  • Joël Bohemier from École Marie-Anne-Gaboury 
  • Christian Brunel from Collège Béliveau 
  • Neil Crockford from École Sage Creek School

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These four teachers are EdTech Mentors for other physical education teachers throughout the division.  
The EdTech Mentorship Program provides professional learning opportunities to help teachers bring technology and innovation into their classrooms. The EdTech Mentors guide teachers in integrating the technology into lesson design and everyday teaching. 
The four award recipients were chosen as Mentors because of their leadership abilities, expertise and use of technology. By tapping into their respective skillsets, the group was able to help their colleagues keep students engaged using technology.   
One initiative the team introduced was using wearable devices, such as FitBits, to teach students how their bodies respond to physical activity and develop personal goals based on that information. The team also led a series of sessions that showcased how to integrate multimedia assets, such as GIFs, into lessons.  

“Each of the members of this award-winning team had some concerns that they were not necessarily technology experts,” said Grant McManes, the recently retired LRSD Coordinator of Healthy Living, who nominated the group for the award. “It was the collective knowledge, willingness and courage to work with each other as well as their peers that made this group so successful.”
In addition to his Innovator Award, Joël was also recognized with a PHE Manitoba Middle Years Award for his work in developing and planning innovative experiences for students. Joël consistently finds new ways to bring technology into his teaching and introduces students to new sports and activities to promote movement and engagement.  

Joël also collaborated with middle years' classroom teachers to incorporate fitness instruction into project-based learning units. This helped the team integrate movement and activity into different facets of instruction. 

As the lead teacher/organizer for his professional learning network in LRSD, Joël’s enthusiasm for learning and mentoring has made a meaningful impact throughout the division. Under his guidance, his team members have grown as leaders, too, and continue to support the curriculum in an engaging and active way. 

These four talented educators embody the qualities outlined in Pillar 4 of the Better Education Starts Today strategy: Excellence in Teaching and Leadership. They will be honoured in a virtual awards ceremony on April 21 at 7 p.m.  

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