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May 14
Congratulations, Stephen Jones!

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Twelve years, 30,000 LRSD students and one well-deserved award.

Stephen Jones Bio Lab St George.png
Photo Source: SBRC Youth BIOlab Twitter

LRSD is pleased to congratulate and thank Stephen Jones for winning the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). 

At the BIOlab Jeunesse in St. Boniface Hospital, Stephen is known for bringing lessons to life by providing opportunities for hands-on learning in molecular and cellular biology in a real-world, leading-edge environment. As one of the original partners in creating BIOlab Jeunesse, LRSD has had the privilege of being part of many of Stephan’s numerous ground-breaking education initiatives.

One such initiative involves Nelson McIntyre Collegiate students spending a week with Stephen the BIOlab Jeunesse where he opens eyes and minds to the fascinating world of research, science education and health literacy. Students use real-world equipment to isolate and culture cells, work with DNA, dissect real tissue samples and engage in microscopy. 

Another ground-breaking initiative pioneered by Stephen is Two-Way Learning – Building Identity and Confidence in Urban First Nation Students. A project done in partnership with the University of Manitoba and Victor Wyatt School, Two-Way Learning offered sessions to Indigenous students from Victor Wyatt that connected traditional plant knowledge to modern research. Drawing on knowledge from the past as a foundation for modern and future medical research inspires both cultural pride and new ways to look at the world.

Stephen has devoted himself to seeing science in engaging and imaginative ways that resonate with his students. 

We appreciate all the work Stephen has done and look forward to continue learning from one of the finest teachers in today’s scientific community!



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