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Dec 11
LRSD: One of Manitoba's Top Employers


I am so proud.

I am so incredibly proud to work with all the members of the LRSD team. While I have now worked in six school systems, all of them great learning experiences, LRSD is where I want to be for the rest of my career.

We have a publicly elected board of nine trustees. We have over 2,000 full-time employees, 44 buildings, and we are responsible for the education and care of over 15,000 students. 

Bottom-line. We should be excellent at what we do for several reasons:

  • We are influencing the creation of a new Canada. One in which all of our people can care for themselves, care for others, and care for our world.

  • For this to occur, we need exemplary staff who nurture and challenge all of our kids.

  • All of this means we need to take the business of creating and maintaining LRSD as a great place to work as job one.

During the past year, we have seen the HR department evolve into People Services. The name change is purposeful. Members of the LRSD team are not resources, they are individuals with stories and families, who want to do meaningful work. LRSD needs to continue to explore how we can celebrate our achievements, and also improve the conditions within which our team works.

It is for these reasons that we applied to be recognized as a top employer

The recognition that we have gained should make each and every one in our community feel great. To the best of my knowledge, we are the first public school system in Canada to gain this recognition! Read LRSD's feature from the Manitoba's Top 100 Employers Free Press article.

More importantly, the process of applying for this recognition, and yes we are applying again, forces us to really reflect upon what is important, who we are as an organization, and how we can be better by one another and the students we serve.

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An open letter to the LRSD community: https://t.co/CYD9dEpj9Y https://t.co/bnym8tY2qh

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