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AMS (Absence Management System)

​Whether for unforeseen circumstances or a planned absence, finding a substitute can be challenging. The Division provides AMS, a program designed to assist teachers and educational assistants and clerical employees to arrange an appropriate substitute, regardless of the length of notice.

Login Here to access AMS.

Helpful Tips for Reporting in AMS:

  • Medical appointment events are reported as “Medical Appointment” (not illness).
  • Illness and recovery from medical procedures, such as surgery are reported as “Illness”.
  • For Teachers, report absences associated with the Personal Professional Development Fund as “PPDF Event”.
  • For Employees who have registered for a PD event on the DPDF system enter these absences as "Divisional PDF".
  • Other PD events would be entered as "PD Event" or "Supervision/Float" depending on the budget to be charged.
  • Report all absences, even if no substitute is required.
  • Report absences at least 5 days in advance of an event, except in case of emergency or illness. Known absences can be reported within context of the school year.
  • Indicate special instructions to advise a substitute if you are an itinerant employee. Identify the different school sites and start times.
Should you have any questions about reporting absences and the AMS System please contact the Substitute System Operator at (204) 254-7030.
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