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Weather Station

Recess Cancellation

Outdoor physical activity is essential to the well-being of all students, but their safety is paramount when inclement weather arises. Students may be allowed outside for a maximum of 15 minutes when the wind chill reaches -27. They remain indoors when the wind chill reaches -30. School administrators make decisions about recess during inclement weather based on the forecasts provided by Environment Canada with weather readings observed at the Forks weather station. In the event the Forks station is unavailable, the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport weather station will be used.

Check the weather office for current and complete weather conditions.

School Closures due to Inclement Weather

CBC Radio One 990-AM and 89.3-FM and CJOB 680-AM will announce any school closures due to inclement weather. Families are encouraged to develop plans to assist their children in the event of a school closure.

Transportation Service and Inclement Weather

Severe weather can affect the safe operation of school buses. The LRSD Transportation Department monitors wind chill at 6:00 a.m. using Environment Canada weather readings taken at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport. At that time, if the wind chill makes the temperature -45C or colder, a decision to cancel school bus transportation will be communicated to the media.

Click on the links below to learn more about our weather related policies:

Policy EBCE Emergency School Closures

Policy EEAEEA Student Transportation: Weather Related Cancellation of School Buses



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